Success Stories

It is my hope that the information provided on this website has given you a glimpse of the amazing success and personal transformation that is available to you through the power of Inner Awareness Hypnosis.

Thank you from the bottom of my soul for playing a key instrument in my inner healing process. As of today, I feel like a completely different person from the hopeless being who walked through your door only five short sessions ago. Also today, I am 14 days smoke free and healthier and happier than ever.

When I entered your care, I had lost purpose and felt a deep sadness that I could not explain. With thoughtful consideration you helped me to approach my current life issues by exploring that “black box in an airplane”, we call the subconscious. Endless amounts of resources, love and light were miraculously restored within me, through you Susan.

The inner awareness I was allowed to receive as a result of this hypnotherapy has truly transformed my way of thinking about, approaching and loving life! The overall process seemed to encompass all prior thoughts, mental and emotional. All of a sudden the path was right there before me and I began to put all the little pieces together. These beautiful pieces have made it possible for me to physically transform! Alignment of the soul was the key; you led me to this understanding. You are truly a special soul teacher. Thank you for your guidance and nurturing glowing love.
~Kim H., Orange County, CA

Susan Gallaher is likely to be regarded as the Elizabeth Barret Browning of counseling in affairs of the Heart, Spirit, and Mind. She is a brilliant, clean, clear, compassionate energy. The endless sources of knowledge she uses to motivate one to learn and accomplish a balanced understanding of the human complexities surrounding logic, spirituality, and the essence of Love is truly remarkable...
~Lisa S., Orange County, CA

I'd heard about hypnosis, but was skeptical that it would work for me. This turned out to be a life-changing experience! Not only has it helped with weight, but my whole attitude has changed. I feel empowered!

So many thanks to Susan for bringing out the power within me! She has helped me to see the truths around and within me never tapped before! Imagine! Incredible!
Did I mention how grateful I am? Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
~Teri D., Orange County, CA

I just want to let you know how much your hypnotherapy has helped me in my life. After my aunt's passing, I suffered from phobia on top of grieving. I had so many other issues, such as low self esteem and social anxiety, not being flexible and rather judgmental of my kids as well.

After the first session with you, I felt like I just had a big cry. I think that I released a lot of negative energy during the session. I felt better after the first session, my phobia improved and my self-confidence improved. I often hear your soft voice as a background chanting. Each session, we would have some conversation to address my issue and we would work on each issue. I felt better and better after each session and I start to understand a lot more. Now I am a lot more confident and my phobia is gone. For the most part, I am more flexible and less judgmental. I feel renewed. Not only did I enjoy the hypnotherapy session, I also enjoyed our conversation, it was very enlightening. Thank you for everything!
~Erica J., Los Angeles County, CA

Susan Gallaher's healing spirit encouraged and supported me in finding my authentic voice as a woman and as an artist. She has taught me that the only real power comes from the heart, and to walk with grace. Susan's journey with the Divine is a blessing to us all.
~Beth O, Salisbury, MD

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What is this love and laughter budding in our hearts?
It is the sound of a soul waking up! - Hafiz