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Anxiety Treatment with Hypnotherapy

September 1, 2010
By Chester Chives

Anxiety relates to what we actually feel  and how we react to it. Stimulated by an excess of stress in our life, anxiety can cause harm to the human body. When a person is experiencing an anxiety attack, often symptoms like churning in stomach, nausea, backache, diarrhea, and even sweating can be observed.

Anxiety is a part of everday life and everyone gets anxious on numerous occasions. Anxiety can come in the form of nervousness, fear, concern etc. Most people are equipped to deal with these feelings and they know how to control their body during this time. But around 15% of the total human population is not able to react appropriately to such situations. They tend to get panic attacks due to the severity of their anxiety.

Anxiety often becomes a serious problem when the feelings still continue even after the event has passed. For people who suffer from such anxiety, without intervention, relief is infrequent and short lived. For that reason they need some form of anxiety treatment.

The feelings of the person suffering from anxiety can easily turn into panic. Anxiety sets off the hormone adrenalin in the body, which causes more and more fear. Due to this hormone, the body reacts with a number of responses and creates many symptoms including some or all of those mentioned above.

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic application of hypnosis and can be invaluable as a psychotherapy tool in the treatment of anxiety. During hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind is reprogrammed and the beliefs and self image of the patient are brought back to a healthy state. The faulty perception once found is neutralised and corrected. No one can live a healthy and happy life with constant anxieties prevailing inside. With hypnotherapy treatment this anxiety is relieved and the mind relaxed.

There is no definite dividing line between a normal state of consciousness and a hypnotic state, it is but a range, as there are many levels to the mind. When this approach is used for treating anxiety it is invariably very successful.

Even the unconscious mind is the part of ones thinking. It can lead a person to old unhelpful memories and feelings, with hypnotherapy treatment, faulty perceptions are altered in the unconscious mind.

When using hypnotherapy treatment, symptoms can vanish in a just few days. During such anxiety treatment, hypnotherapy induces a complete state of relaxation, which is very beneficial in assisting patients to calm down. In some cases using hypnotherapy, when appropriate, the therapist tries to find out the root cause of the anxiety in that persons childhood. More often however, story telling techniques are used with anxiety patients, as it is a more gentle method than the psychoanalysis approach and more effective than directly giving suggestions. In many cases, hypnotherapy can literally act as a miracle medicine for anxiety treatment.

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